How Positive Thinking Actually Works

I’m sick of a positive motivational speaker who keeps on telling us to think positive and good things will happen. I tried this, but it didn’t work out!

They ask you to stand in front of the mirror every morning and say you’re beautiful. Well, you do this because you doubt that you might be ugly. A beautiful person doesn’t have to speak or show the people that s/he is beautiful. Everyone can recognize it.

How Positive Thinking Actually Works

A lot of influencers are just putting cars, vacation and body photos on their Instagram account. The definition of happiness in today’s world is dating a hot chick, having a meaningful job and amazing cars. People perceive that those influencers are living their best life and they consider themselves as inadequate. And then they hear a motivational speaker who says think positive, they accept themselves as poor thinking it’s a sad fate. If you’re in search for happiness you are like an individual which is chasing a beautiful butterfly but unable to catch it.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with thinking positive, but it does not work if you don’t act. You have to take actions to be better and successful. You have to accept yourself the way you’re right now and don’t put on a mask. Often the hardest climb has the best views. A person can’t be a millionaire by just thinking positive, taking action and persistence is the recipe for success.

If you run away from failure or adversity, you’re simply attracting them. By thinking positive, it doesn’t mean adversity or problems won’t come. It will come for sure and always remember you’ll evolve your skills when you fail in business. The pain in the gym will ultimately make you healthier and stronger. Poor choices will make your future more beautiful.

How Positive Thinking Actually Works


See pain is directly proportional to happiness. The biggest regret most people have is that they didn’t spend enough time with those they love. The 2nd? They let FEAR stop them. Do not let fear of failure, doubt, mistake and lack of education stop you in reaching Utopia.

Fall in love with the process and process will love you back. Embrace adversity, accept failure and think positive this combination is the deadliest. Trust me adversity is the foundation of success. Take actions. Nothing beats Doing. Nothing.

Action erases all fear. Follow your plan and adjust as you go.

Don’t compare yourself to others. Don’t ignore if something bad is happening in your life. Everything in your life happens for a reason. You may not understand right now but after a few years, you will.

The job you lost, a person you lost, the relationship which you thought was meant forever but lost, prayers not answered, depressed and stressed about the financial situation. You’ll get pass through this. Hang in there. Don’t give up. You haven’t come this far in your life to get defeated. Accept adversity and failure; positive thinking will ultimately become your choice.