28 Would You Rather Questions

Would you rather is an excellent game for all occasions and ages. The game can be funny, informative and sometimes embarrassing.

How to play?

All you need to do is to pick a question from our list of would you rather questions and ask the players which of the two options they would rather choose.
― There are no right or wrong answers
― Consider putting a time limit for each question


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So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to have fun with some of the hardest would you rather questions. Check them out!


Hardest Would You Rather Questions:

1.    Would you rather marry the person you hate the most or let him/her marry your friend you love the most?

2.    Would you rather sit alone in the house on the weekend or go and hang out with the most boring person in the world?

3.    Would you rather live low life with your loved one or rich life all alone?

4.     Would you rather become one of the smartest but poor persons on the earth or the dumbest but rich?

Would You Rather Questions

5.    Would you rather spend all your time with friends or spend all your time making money?

6.    Would you rather have a high-profile job and no time for family or an average job with plenty of time for family?

7.    Would you rather create something worth applause or get applause for something you never created?

8.    Would you rather leave all your hobbies forever and get money or make money by practicing your hobbies?

9.    Would you rather let people read your mind whenever they want or let them know your deepest darkest secrets?

Would You Rather Questions
Would You Rather Questions // Image: Unsplash

10.    Would you rather travel all around the world and spend all your money on it or live a sedentary life but have a huge bank balance?

11.     Would you rather become a person with high influence on others or a person with powers to rule others?

12.    Would you rather become blind and never see the world again or become deaf and never hear anything?

13.    Would you rather stuck in the traffic and reach your destination late or reach at the time but find others late?

14.    Would you rather get too much work and a high-speed internet connection or less work but poor internet connection?

Would You Rather Questions

15.    Would you rather date someone you love or date someone who loves you?

16.    Would you rather like to talk with your arrogant boss or with your egoistic colleague?

17.    Would you rather prefer going to an amusement park with kids or vacation with your friends?

18.    Would you rather want to have a photogenic face or Photoshop skills?

19.    Would you rather prefer spending all the money leisurely you get in a lucky draw or invest all of it in funds with the hope of getting more?

Would You Rather Questions

20.    Would you rather prefer fine dining with someone who will pay in an expensive restaurant or make dinner at home with a loved one?

21.    Would you rather have an empty house with no kids or a house full of kids making it a mess all the time?

22.    Would you rather like to sleep all through your life or get insomnia?

23.    Would you rather prefer being beautiful but dumb or ugly but smart?

24.    Would you rather pick the job of your dreams or the one which is uninteresting but high paying?

25.    Would you rather marry someone who is too attractive or be someone who is too attractive?

26. Would you rather listen to the same song all day every day for thirty days or not listen to any music for a year?

27. Would you rather never have sex or never find true love?

28. Would you rather go to jail for a crime you didn’t commit or have your best friend go to jail for a crime that you committed?